Are you stuck in your career, or maybe you are just in an early stage? Climbing the career ladder, we all sooner or later are faced with different obstacles, which can be confusing, scary, or even threatening to cancel our growth. Even the richest and most successful people have had a great career obstacles in its path. But it is possible to overcome and be successful in their profession. For that obstacles can be overcome, first, they need to be aware of and identified. Whether you work in the financial field, construction, nodarbojieties with or event management, we all the career-barriers are very similar. Here are the three most popular and most popular obstacles of any profession career:

No qualifications.

Do you think that it’s simply not sufficiently qualified to further his career? This can be a quite complicated situation in which to be, so often get more education or specific certification may be a major money issue. Is not easy to improve the quality, if it requires large funds, which you do not do it, and the internet speed loans do not seem like the best solution to this problem. Of course, it is undeniable that going back to school or by obtaining a certificate in your industry, not a bad way to acquire the necessary accreditation. But there are also other ways that can prove to be of higher quality and don’t pay hundreds of euro, for example, with the help of free training programs online or voluntary teaching hours at the local post masters – luotot ilman vakuuksia.

The lack of experience.

Many people feel that they lack the experience necessary jobs in order to search for their desired area, in particular with the problems of young people. How to find the level in the beginning of the work, on the advertising of all jobs require at least two years of experience? Fortunately, you can compensate for lack of experience. Log on to various clubs and professional organizations that are associated with the area in which you are a member, to create around itself a social network with people who will be able to take you on a new place of work, or to be your career mentor. Continue to learn new skills associated with your profession, also a self-taught way.

A longer break between jobs.

Or you left the last job, which left a gap in your work history, professional or personal reasons? Most of the people are normally quite small breaks in their work history, because they tend to live from salary to the other, so cannot afford any longer to be without a permanent job. But why leave the people can be more than one, they choose to stop working, they are mentally and physically exhausted, want to engage in their own business, or maybe it was redundant for redundancy’s sake. The good news is that you can easily recover from the interruption preference, if you can’t explain to your next potential employer reasons. Most of the potential employers nenovērsīsies of you as a candidate due to a long break between jobs, if you strike a reasonable and reasoned explanation. In your CV it is worthwhile to also list what skills you have mastered during the time when officially you have not been employed, because it rarely is it that we sit with your hands in your lap to keep, and do absolutely nothing. Break your work history does not look bad, if you the time that you have done something that could professionally enhance your future career opportunities, for example, you have maintained a blog with questions on the area where you work, or if you have attended free seminars or training sessions.

No one knows exactly what will be their future, but also a little move forward, you will be much more motivated in your current job. Keep in mind that your career can always change. The goal is to find the direction that is not in conflict with your values, and force yourself to decide what exactly you want to do.